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The Records Office has been busy making changes to the underlying structure of the database, making it easier to add new types of data, such
as monumental inscriptions, and adding a new spouse filter for burial
searches. The new code should be ready to go online in a week or two. In the
meantime, they did manage to get a large chunk of Gateshead burials and some
new marriage bonds onto the current site for your searching pleasure.

Gateshead East Cemetery burials 1901-1906

11,247 burials at Gateshead East Cemetery, covering 1901-1906. Besides many
street addresses in Gateshead, residences mentioned include Bensham,
Dunston, Felling, Low Fell, Newcastle, Salt Meadows, Teams, and Whitley.

Because these are municipal cemetery records, not church burial records,
they present many more genealogically useful details. 99% of these records
give either an occupation, a parent or husband’s name, or information about
how the person died. Some samples:

* 2 Jan 1901 Sidney Smith, of 25 Marian Street, age: 20, mason
* 12 Jan 1901 Davison Jackson, of 177 Mowbray Street, Heaton,
Newcastle, age: 24, labourer, drowned at Hebburn
* 16 Jan 1902 Mary Slavin, of 6 Grahamsley Street, age: 1, daughter of
Michael Slavin, Roman Catholic
* 16 Aug 1903 William Weightman, of 75 Westbourne Avenue, age: 48,
china merchant, died at the Sedgefield Asylum
* 24 Jan 1904 Sarah Elizabeth Stewart, of 108 Nile Street, Sunderland
Road, age: 55, wife of William Robson Stewart
* 6 Jan 1905 Isabella Hutton Roy, of 2 Prospect Place, age: 82, widow
of James Roy

Marriage bonds: 1824-1826

1,479 marriage bonds filed in 1824 through 1826 in the Diocese of Durham.
These are brand new, not previously in our bond index.

In this period, marriage bonds often provide ages, occupations, place of
residence, and sometimes a father or mother for the bride and groom during a
period when marriage registers did not provide that information.

* 2 Jan 1824 Robert Stobbs (printer, bachelor), age 21, of Durham
St.Nicholas obtained a licence to marry Isabella Kelsey (spinster, minor
with consent of her natural & lawful mother), age 20, of Durham St.Nicholas,
daughter of Isabella Kelsey (of Durham St.Nicholas, widow), directed to
* 23 Oct 1824 William Burlison (joiner, bachelor), age 21, of Norton,
County Durham late of Longhorsley, Northumberland obtained a licence to
marry Jane Wetherell (spinster), age 21, of Norton, directed to Norton
* 29 Mar 1825 William Henry Nicholas Temperley (bachelor, minor with
consent of his mother), age 20, of Newcastle upon Tyne All Saints, son of
Charlotte Ann Temperley (widow), obtained a licence to marry Margery Ann
Reid (spinster), age 21, of Newcastle upon Tyne All Saints, directed to All
* 16 Nov 1826 William Nairn (widower), age 60, of Morpeth,
Northumberland obtained a licence to marry Ann Readhead (spinster), age 40,
of Unthank in the parish of Alnham, Northumberland, directed to Alnham


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