Ellen Edith CUMPSTON

Whilst browsing for CUMPSTON artefacts on auction websites I found that this painting had been sold by Anderson-Garland: Art: Lot 495

I presume that it had been painted by Ellen Edith Cumpston 13in. x 20.75in. (33 x 52.5cm) “The Silver- misty morn”  it was signed and dated 1889; inscribed on an exhibition label on the reverse.  You can read more about Ellen Edith of Barton Hall, Cumberland England  on my website at http://www.cumpston.org.uk/#/joseph-hodgson-cumpston-cum/4533694344



About mallerstang

Member of the Guild of One Name Studies researching the name CUMPSTON and its variants. You can see my website at www.cumpston.org.uk I have a new study of the name LAXEN with its own blog at https://laxenresearch.wordpress.com/ and a further research blog which is not registered as a one name study of KNAGGS of Flamborough https://knaggsresearch.wordpress.com/
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