Have you found Google scholar yet?

I have just found “Google Scholar” a very effective way to highlight academic articles and books written by persons with my CUMPSTON surname – I’ve found 175 entries related to my research


About mallerstang

Member of the Guild of One Name Studies researching the name CUMPSTON and its variants. You can see my website at www.cumpston.org.uk I have a new study of the name LAXEN with its own blog at https://laxenresearch.wordpress.com/ and a further research blog which is not registered as a one name study of KNAGGS of Flamborough https://knaggsresearch.wordpress.com/
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2 Responses to Have you found Google scholar yet?

  1. SeattleBookScouts says:

    Yes, I have several Google Alerts set up to keep an eye on several surnames. I’ve found, however, that not all material on the Scholar site is ‘academic’ in quality. One item I found was merely a poorly written ‘report’ from Legacy Family Tree.

  2. Excellent post. Some great points you mention in there.

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