Canadian Headstones has a separate website and database for each province and territory. 

The site is fully automated so that uploading the photo, editing and transcribing the text from the headstone is very easy and fast. Then, to avoid SPAM and errors, a coordinator approves each entry. The system is designed to be very user-friendly. The database is fully searchable by surname, first name, starts with, contains and even sounds like.
They are seeking:
1.   people to upload/transcribe any and all headstone photos you may possess – 1 or 1001 photographs
2.  coordinators to assist in “approving” the photos as they are uploaded
3.  volunteers to photograph headstones of cemeteries and upload them
4.  genealogical societies, church groups and others who would like to create a photographic archive of their cemeteries

The Canadian Headstone Photo Project is a non-profit educational site. The site is completely FREE for everyone to use and will remain as such.

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Member of the Guild of One Name Studies researching the name CUMPSTON and its variants. You can see my website at I have a new study of the name LAXEN with its own blog at and a further research blog which is not registered as a one name study of KNAGGS of Flamborough
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